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Langfang Bonais Value -- 6 Systems


Under the circumstances of fierce competition in the roofing sheet industry, the importance of finding a trustworthy and reliable roofing sheet  manufacturer is self-evident. Although different people have different needs, we share the gold standards of the best Roofing sheet manufacturer. For Langfang Bonai , we can supply you with the next-level roofing tile , and provide you with the best-class services you need to boost your business and stand out from other competitors.


Langfang Bonai ,6 systems are the epitome of our reliability.

1.LBMS—Langfang Bonais Manufacturing System 

As an organized and integrated system, Langfang bonai Manufacturing System is the perfect combination of professional engineers and workers, advanced production equipment and manufacturing techniques, mature production processes and management, and innovative technology. We believe only we build a solid and best production foundation can we manufacture the best roofing tile for worldwide top roofing tile brands, and bring health and happiness to each and every family.

2.LNQS-Langfang Bonais Quality Control System 

Langfang Bonai Quality Control System is a collection of inspections and testing processes focused on providing the best quality roofing sheet to our customers. We have established well-defined quality control policies which are strictly in conformity with world-class standards, or even better. And thanks to this, we can constantly maintain and improve the quality of our roofing tile. Langfang bonai quality control and management covers the whole process from before, during, to after production, and every key procedure. Providing the best roofing tile with exceptional performance on a continuous basis and meeting customers' demands are what we strive for.

3.LBSS—Langfang Bonai Value-added Service System 

Langfang bonai Value-added Service System is composed of holistic services to satisfy customers' demands and boost your business. Besides the best roofing tile , we aim to provide our customers with the best service you can never ever have from others, including professional regional directors with profound experience and knowledge, effective Russian and Spanish communication,brand design, color matching and sample mock up, shipping and document service, industrial news and trends, online and offline marketing supports. Choose Langfang bonai , choose a worry-free business relationship.

4.LBAS—Langfang Bonai After-sale Service System

Langfang bonai After-sale Service System consists of various processes covered from quality complaint handling system, quality warranty policies, installation and maintenance instruction service so that we can deliver supports with fast response to any of your feedback. Backed with our guarantee of the best quality from every production procedure, we can promise you a long-term relationship with our customers and ensure continued satisfaction with our excellent products and services.

5 LBTS—Langfang Bonai Testimonial System 

Langfang Bonai Testimonial System is the representation of our reliability from our customers' perspective. It is one of the most powerful, important values and recognition we have received from you. We make constant interaction with our customers, no matter from online daily chat, or face-to-face communication such as participating in international flooring exhibitions and calling on our customers. We appreciate your continuous trust and support, and we will, as always, provide you with the best flooring and the best service.

6.LBPS—Langfang Bonai Product System 

Langfang Bonai Product System is a complete product portfolio including different types of roofing tile, and different specifications rooted in our strong development and innovation capability. Excellent products infused with our advanced technique are the core competitiveness of Langfang Bonai. FRP roofing sheet and PVC Resin tile ,Polycarbonate corrugated sunshine tile,Polycarbonate solid sheet,and GRP gel coat sheet, we continue to push the envelope and pursue to offer customers a one-stop solution. We believe that a wonderful product will speak itself. We will continue to expand our product categories via innovation to lead the market and better resonate with customers.

Langfang Bonai 6 Systems are the embodiment of what we actually do for all our customers. And with our strong innovation and robust production capabilities, we will always be the most reliable roofing tile manufacturer for worldwide customers.


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